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Your Body Connection

Have you ever stopped to consider the relationship you have with your own body?  

I know it well... most of us are just trying to get through our work week to enjoy a break

from it all on the weekends.  Maybe you're getting through each day, and all it brings. 

Who has time for this kind of thing

What if a deeper connection with your own body creates
more well-being inside yourself?

Join me as we explore this connection we have with our precious bodies...

What does this even mean?!

How does it affect me?

Why does it even matter?


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HeartMath® Tools & Techniques

HeartMath® tools blend beautifully & amplify any practice you may already use.

Increase your awareness of your own emotions and learn how to self regulate.  Learn how your emotions affect your stress levels and your body and why self regulation will increase your health span.  

Learn how to create harmony in the systems of your body by creating a coherent state

Take away practical, simple tools you can use every day with your eyes open as you go about your day.  

This is a 3.5 hour workshop. 

Create your own!  You plus a minimum of 3 friends or family.

Adults are $150

Students 17 and over are $75




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