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Think of this like a vibrational oil change!  You know how important an oil change is for your car, right?! 


Other words that describe this include balancing and realignment.  (Car analogies still apply here!)  Think of what occurs when systems are out of balance and out of alignment... They just don't work well.

Hitting the pause button to reset is key for your well-being on many levels.  

Join me in this soul nourishing, 60 minute group session! 


NO - You won't have to do or say anything if you don't wish to.  Comfy seating is provided.  

Do expect to push the pause button,  and bathe yourself vibrationally as you reset and refresh yourself ready to take on all that is your life! 


Create Your Own Workshop

It's this easy! 

You plus four friends and we have a beautiful, intimate, fun setting to learn some pretty key information for today's world. 


Learn more about the invisible world of energy and vibration. 

We will really get to know how empathy works, how to navigate it., and how we do have choice in how we feel in our inner domain. 

Leave with a beautiful tool to practice with in your life!


This workshop is the follow up to part one.

You plus four friends and we have the amazing follow up to Part One. 


We deepen the experience as we learn more about grounding, life energy and how to release unwanted energies from our field. 


Leave with more beautiful tools to practice with in your life!


HeartMath® Tools & Techniques

HeartMath® tools blend beautifully & amplify any practice you may already use.

Increase your awareness of your own emotions and learn how to self regulate.  Learn how your emotions affect your stress levels and your body and why self regulation will increase your health span.  

Learn how to create harmony in the systems of your body by creating a coherent state

Take away practical, simple tools you can use every day with your eyes open as you go about your day.  

This is a 3.5 hour workshop. 

Create your own!  You plus a minimum of 3 friends or family.

Adults are $150

Students 17 and over are $75



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