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Janine's personal story.  

I've been a nervous bundle of energy most of my life.  The slightest situation could set me off in frustration and irritation.  I constantly worried and stewed over things, not really knowing I had the choice not to. 

This constant drain on my 'inner battery' would see my system being depleted on more than one occasion.  One of those times I spent a good portion of 12 months laying on the couch with next to no energy. 

The good news is, we all can learn our way out of this type of behaviour.

Your situation will be unique to your experience.  Maybe it's and irritating work mate.  Maybe you're unhappy working your current job.  Having young children and not having tools can leave mom's at their wits end! 

The list of things that can lead to stress is long.  

Join me in a HeartMath® tutorial or book in with me one on one to

learn how these simple, effective techniques can help you get

on the 'feeling good' side of life!



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